Perfecting the blend, Royal Stag Barrel Select

The Indian appetite for a fine whisky is as legendary as Hercules! Even as one of the largest consumers of whisky in the world, we do have a penchant for home-grown brands. While single malt and blended ultra-premium whisky brands are widely popular, blended Indian whiskies are also enjoyed with similar fervor the whisky lovers. … Read more

Scottish Royal Scotch

Scottish Royal Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years has been expertly mixed by our Master Blender, using select whiskies, matured in Scotland for no less than 12 years in oak wood casks. The whisky offers a more regal taste experience, illustrating the best qualities of our national spirit. “””Scottish Royal”” takes its inspiration from the … Read more

Royal Stag Price In Army Canteen

royal stag priceRoyal Stag Whisky, also popularly known as Seagram’s Royal Stag is an iconic brand among the spirits brands of India. The brand redefined the spirits space in India by offering an international quality blend, pioneering the grain spirit blended with Scotch malts revolution Location Quantity Price Army Canteen 375 ml ₹90 Army Canteen … Read more

Royal Stag Vs Royal Challenge

Find out the Difference Between Royal Challenge and Royal Stag The Indian appetite for whisky is as legendary as the legend of Hercules himself, and we are not the world’s largest whisky consuming nation for no reason! At the heart of this profoundly Indian penchant for whisky are home-grown brands that form a huge chunk … Read more

Royal Stag Price in Delhi

Royal Stag is one low cost whisky brand which provides a quality taste and experience when consumed neat. Find the prices list for Royal Stag Whisky in Delhi. Quarter ₹100 Half ₹200 750 ml ₹400 1000 ml ₹530

Royal Stag Price In Goa

Launched in 1995 with a blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts, Seagram’s Royal Stag Whisky was the first brand in India that did not use artificial flavors or recycled bottles thus delivering an international quality blend to delight consumers and redefined the Indian liquor industry. It is named after a deer species … Read more

Royal Stag Barrel Select

Royal Stag Barrel Select is a blended Indian whisky, from the house of Seagram’s. It is a blend of imported Scotch malts and the finest Indian grain spirits. The Royal Stag Barrel Select expression is placed between the deluxe and premium whisky segments, slightly above Royal Stag Deluxe Whisky, one of India’s bestselling whisky brands. … Read more